Qillathe Galanodel

elven cleric of Majere


Qillathe was raised in Qualinesti but became disillusioned with how little her people were interested in the outside world. She thinks that elves should try to prevent future disasters on Krynn by working to stop the spread of evil and encouraging everyone else to follow good. Just before she came of age, she met a cleric of Majere who was travelling through Qualinesti and studied under him. She believes that Majere has some task that she is supposed to carry out, and she is travelling Krynn to find out what it is. In the meantime, she tries to promote the interests of good whenever she has the opportunity.

Qillathe has little tolerance for ambiguity, uncertainty, or disagreement; she is mystified by anyone who isn’t as convinced as she is of the importance of the powers of good. Her first reaction when faced with someone acting in a way that she believes is contrary to the interests of Majere is to try to convince the person to change his mind – but she is not above coercion, deception, and other similar tactics if that doesn’t work. As a single-minded follower of Majere, she expects that her actions on his half will always lead to the right results. She’s puzzled when they don’t and usually concludes that the fault lies with her.

Qillathe Galanodel

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