The Maple Syrup Secret

The adveture so far...

The quest for the Sapping Sword

Trouble in Hopeful

While on a mission at the behest of Hopeful’s Lord Eccleston, Qillathe the elven cleric, Henni the ice-folk barbarian, and Mordechai the kender discovered an note in a secret language reading, “Sapping Sword to Schallsea.” The party attempted to bring this news back to Hopeful, but upon their return, they learned Lord Eccleston had been killed and a new ruler, Lord Tennant, had the city on lockdown. A fine welcome indeed.

With the help of a random kender, the party discovered a secret tunnel into the city. Outside the tunnel they were attacked by monsters and befriended Donovan, human cleric of Reorx. Rather than rush into the city, the party camped in the forests outside Hopeful. Overnight, they rescued Prawndipple, a gnomish bard, from bandits. In the course of this battle, Mordechai went streaking as a diversion and was knocked unconscious, revealing his true form to Donovan. In truth, the little kender was an Irda sorcerer named Igraine.

The bolstered party snuck into the city the next day and Qillathe begged audience with Lord Tennant. The noble regarded the travelers suspiciously and refused to reward them, seemingly at the advice of Garmond Lothe, a mysterious red wizard. Tennant and Lothe attempted to run the party out of the city by having the Lord’s Inquisitor, Aardman, spread dangerous rumors, but Igraine and Donovan caught wind of this and dealt with him harshly in an alley.

North by Southwest

The party decided to travel to Schallsea to ask after the sword. They first traveled south and joined a caravan as guards, then made their way north again through the forest. Along the way, the caravan attracted Hannon the kender, whose skills as a rogue were sorely needed in the party.

The adventurers eventually reached the port city of Crossing, where they booked passage on a crab boat. The evening before setting sail, Prawndipple and Hannon befriended a young centaur named Virimus while performing at the inn. Having lost Henni somewhere in the forest, Donovan suggested centaur’s strength might aid the party in the days ahead and convinced him to come along.

Stormy Weather

A storm raged on Schallsea when the party arrived in port. They sought out the archivist for information about the Sapping Sword, who suggested they speak to the Knights of Solamnia. The archivist’s assistant was supposed to guide the party to the Knights’ keep, but in truth the assistant had been replaced by a double who tricked the adventurers into visiting the Tomb of the Knights outside of town.

Locked in the tomb, the travelers had no choice but to press ahead. Virimus was slain by a gelatinous cube, but the haunting spirit of a power knight resurrected him. Eventually, the party escaped the tomb and found the murdered body of a Solamnic Knight who had gone missing days before. The party also discovered that the double who had lead them to the tomb was most likely none other than Garmond Lothe!

At long last, the party made it to the Knights’ keep, where they compared notes and learned the history of the Sapping Sword, better known as the Sword of Caramon Majere. The mysterious note was an ancient warning not to bring the sword to Schallsea, for it had been lost in transit to Castle Uth Wistan on Sancrist Isle. The party formally accepted the quest to recover the sword, though in truth each member was seeking the blade for his own purposes.

More Sea Travel

The trip to Sancrist Isle was eventful. The crew of the ship, minotaurs, attacked the party in the night, but not before Qillathe and Igraine had caught wind of their plan. The minotaurs were harboring a draconian and had the original captain bound and gagged. Donovan acquired Irda’s Bane, also called the Cowardly Warhammer, from these minotaurs. The mighty weapon grants its wielder true seeing, very useful against the tricks of Garmond Lothe.

Among the Gnomes

The port of Uth Wistan was damaged in the same storm that had rocked Schallsea, so the ship landed the adventurers in gnomish territory. Here, they killed an owlbear that was supposed to be part of a zoo and mixed a sleeping potion to calm another huge and dangerous beast.

It was here they also stumbled upon the Sapping Sword. A tinker gnome had found it, misunderstood its name, and lashed it to an elaborate tree-tapping machine to provide sap for maple syrup. The syrup was amazing, but not amazing enough to keep the adventurers from knocking out the gnome, breaking the machine, snatching the sword, and heading on their way. (Igraine did however leave behind his Rod of Wonder as a trade.)

Approaching Uth Wistan

Having completed their quest, the party headed for Castle Uth Wistan to talk to the Solamnic Knights there, but more trouble lay between them and their goal…



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