The Maple Syrup Secret

Storming Castle Uth Wistan
The plot thickens. A lot.

The Fountaindead

When the party arrived in the town square, they found a crowd drinking from a strange fountain and paying homage to a new, evil god, Hith. The fountain’s keeper, Garlan, was obviously a charlatan of some kind, but he did seem to posses the powers of a true cleric, which Qillathe and Donovan found unsettling. Qillathe and Igraine nabbed some water from the fountain for later use. A messenger then appeared and delivered a note from Sir Liam Ehrling that asked the adventurers to meet at the inn that evening.

The adveture so far...
The quest for the Sapping Sword

Trouble in Hopeful

While on a mission at the behest of Hopeful’s Lord Eccleston, Qillathe the elven cleric, Henni the ice-folk barbarian, and Mordechai the kender discovered an note in a secret language reading, “Sapping Sword to Schallsea.” The party attempted to bring this news back to Hopeful, but upon their return, they learned Lord Eccleston had been killed and a new ruler, Lord Tennant, had the city on lockdown. A fine welcome indeed.


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